19 May 2013

Toshiba Aircon 5 in 1

This is a power house. I've been told by the supplier that the 5 in 1 Inverter has only been launched in Singapore a few months ago. For those who do not know, the Inverter technology that you see in most air conditioners today, was invented by Toshiba in the 80s.

This 5 in 1 system is the answer cooling larger apartments. Ideal for Executive Apartments, Executive Maisonettes and 5 Room Flats. For these apartments, the dining and living room space is big and requires 2 A/C units for effective cooling. Now if you have 2 A/C units in the living and dining, then what happens to the 3 bedrooms? In the past, with a 4 in 1 unit, you would either place 3 A/C units in the 3 Bedrooms and 1 A/C unit to cool the living and dining or you would place 2 A/C units in the living Dining 2 A/C units in 2 Bedrooms and 1 window unit for the remaining bedroom.

Or you can do what my friend did. She used a 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 system in the same apartment. (ie 2 aircon compressors.) Now when all the air conditioners are running and she turns on her Oven, the power for the whole house will trip.

So the New Toshiba 5 in 1 is Heaven sent for larger apartments in Singapore.

Oh if I haven't mentioned, we are getting this system for our place. The set up for this monster is BTU 24K + 13K + 13K + 9K + 9K (total output 68K BTU)

15 May 2013

Grohe Ondus Digital - A Bathroom Experience

I flew up to KL a few days ago to re-select materials and fittings for the Penthouse units of a Condo Development we are doing. 

My first stop was the Grohe Showroom. Basically I was there because the developer wants to upgrade the specifications for the Penthouses. Anyway this was the first time I've seen an actually working set of the Grohe Ondus Digital Series that was launched sometime during the end of last year.

For the Digital Shower set, you can basically set your own shower sequence. Ie 2 mins Cascading water at 38 Deg, 1min Spray at 40 Deg, Pause 2 mins (to let you soap up) and 3mins Spray at 36 Deg to rinse. After your setup during your next shower just press play. 

Its really cool but how LAZY can you Get?! I would like to own a set only for the cool factor. However you better make sure you have got deep pockets. We are looking at a low 5 figure sum, thats $$,$$$, for just the shower set. 

Grohe Ondus Digital

Demolition 1st Phase

Finally the Demolition process has started. This is the 1st phase involving mainly floor and wall finishes. We are still awaiting approval for the hacking of the walls and we're keeping our fingers crossed that they approve the removal of the wall in the Master Bedroom which looks into the Yard.

Living Room - Before Demolition

Living Room - During Demolition

Dining Room - Before Demolition

Dining Room - During Demolition

9 May 2013

Houston we have Lift Off - err so I think

Yesterday was the official start of renovation. The contractors were supposed to start hacking works. So during lunch I decided to drop by the site. Guess what.... the first cock up of the project on the first day. When I arrived nothing has started. The Contractor was will waiting for his guys to arrive. 

There is always talk in the office but how there is never a perfect project. Something will go wrong. It does not matter if the project is big or small.

I'm not going to site till Saturday. Don't want to stress myself. I'll let the contractor deal with it first.

Finalising the Lighting for the Apartment

During my meeting with Million Lighting recently, to finalise by lighting selection,Edwin Strongly recommended (to the point of insisting) that I use Flos wall washers for my walls.

FLOS - Pure 2 (wall washer)
In order to convince me he got one of his lighting designers to do a lighting simulation for me. 

Wall Washer Effect without Dining Light

Wall Washer Effect with Dining Light
The lights are currently being flown in from Europe as they don't have enough stock here. There is however a problem with this light. The light as a built in Potential Meter. What that means is that the light fitting can be dimmed individually. Ie I can can have 4 lights on one track and all 4 have different lighting intensity (This is normally used especially in museums). How is this a problem you might say. Well, it's because the apartment lights will all be linked up using the MK Astral Z-Wave automation switches. If the light has a built-in Potential Meter then I can't use it with a Dimmer Switch. Ie I can't dim the lights at a touch of a button. I have to go to the light fitting and physically dim them one by one. Well I guess what I can do is set the lighting levels for these wall washer and just let them be.

6 April 2013

Last piece of the puzzle

Finally we've designed the last major piece of the puzzle. The common bathroom is done. Main issue for this bathroom apart from a stupid sanitary pipe that runs across the entire length of the ceiling is that this bathroom is long and narrow. 3.1m x 1.3. The length is not so much of an issue rather its the 1.3m width that is cause for concern. The ideal minimum size of a bathroom that I would allow myself to design would be 1.6m x 2.4m. Maybe in the past Singaporeans were smaller and sanitary fittings came in Miniature sizes.


View 1

View from shower
What we have done here is place a 1.4m wide,  floor to ceiling mirror behind the vanity counter to expand the space visually. In addition we have added a false ceiling to hide the sanitary pipes above.

27 March 2013

The Apartment

We are running down to the handover date of the apartment which is in less than a month's time. I'm still trying to get the construction drawings done. It's taking a lot longer then expected cos 1. don't have anyone doing the drawings for me, 2. its our first home, therefore a lot of care was making sure everything is right & 3. This apartment is going to be scrutinised by most people because of the nature of  my profession, the firm I work for and my position in the firm. 

This is a little preview of the things to come. Think the design has come to a point where it's refined enough in terms of function, proportion and intent. At the end of the day one has to remember that it's a home. Its the family, friends and memories that are the most important. The design of the apartment is just simply put, to make life easier. The one guiding design factor above all else is that the apartment revolves around us not us around the apartment. :)

Living Room

Staircase Landing

View out from Study Room

Master Bedroom