6 April 2013

Last piece of the puzzle

Finally we've designed the last major piece of the puzzle. The common bathroom is done. Main issue for this bathroom apart from a stupid sanitary pipe that runs across the entire length of the ceiling is that this bathroom is long and narrow. 3.1m x 1.3. The length is not so much of an issue rather its the 1.3m width that is cause for concern. The ideal minimum size of a bathroom that I would allow myself to design would be 1.6m x 2.4m. Maybe in the past Singaporeans were smaller and sanitary fittings came in Miniature sizes.


View 1

View from shower
What we have done here is place a 1.4m wide,  floor to ceiling mirror behind the vanity counter to expand the space visually. In addition we have added a false ceiling to hide the sanitary pipes above.