31 December 2012

House Measurement Part 1 - Tools of the Trade

It helps when you have access to a Laser Measuring Device like the Bosch DLE 40 which I hi-jacked from the office for the weekend. This little gadget will set you back about $300 but it saves you a great deal of time (just point, shoot and the distance appears.). It's good for longer distances like wall to wall. However, you can't run away for the good old trusty measuring tape. Good for small measurement like thickness of walls. 

21 December 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

I've been a GOOD BOY! I've keep all my projects within budget. I've been fair to the contractors and most of all I've been really nice to our clients.

If you will Santa, all I want for Christmas is a Dietrich Downdraft Extractor. Just one will do. Don't need to be on a supply and install basis. I can get someone to install it myself. Just supply would be enough.

Thanks in advance.


19 December 2012

Fabrics have finally arrived!

We went to TD Fabrics a few weeks ago to pre-select fabrics for our sofa as a starting point for the overall Interior colour palate. Initially I wanted to use an essentially "Bomb" proof fabric, Perennials TM, a super stain resistant fabric with high rub count.

I normally specify this brand of Fabrics for most 4 & 5 Star Hotel Projects but the cost was a tad bit too high, especially when you are spending your own money, so we decided against it.

Nonetheless, we've selected really nice Fabrics from the Carlucci di Chivasso range. They had to order the fabric swatches for us and they just delivered it to my office.