27 March 2013

The Apartment

We are running down to the handover date of the apartment which is in less than a month's time. I'm still trying to get the construction drawings done. It's taking a lot longer then expected cos 1. don't have anyone doing the drawings for me, 2. its our first home, therefore a lot of care was making sure everything is right & 3. This apartment is going to be scrutinised by most people because of the nature of  my profession, the firm I work for and my position in the firm. 

This is a little preview of the things to come. Think the design has come to a point where it's refined enough in terms of function, proportion and intent. At the end of the day one has to remember that it's a home. Its the family, friends and memories that are the most important. The design of the apartment is just simply put, to make life easier. The one guiding design factor above all else is that the apartment revolves around us not us around the apartment. :)

Living Room

Staircase Landing

View out from Study Room

Master Bedroom

24 March 2013

Lighting Layout

On Friday, the guys at Million Lighting got back to us on their lighting fitting selection. I gave them some specific directions and left the rest up to them.  My instructions where more functional than aesthetic. 

1. "I don't have a lot of space within the false ceiling so the downlights that you specify has to be shallow. But at the same time I can't afford ERCO."

2. "I don't want to see the glare from the downlights."

3. "I want that Artemide floor lamp, you know that one with the flip up lamp shade, for the living room."

4. "I want that Skinny Artemide pendant light for the study. That one that's about 1.2/ 1.5m long and with a really slim profile. You know which one I'm taking about right?"

5. "The downlights in the bathroom has to be IP rated. I need a minimum of IP 64. IP 65 would be ideal."  

Lower floor plan

Upper floor Plan

After looking at the selection I thought to myself these fittings are really nice. They know how to specify the nice looking fittings for me. Only to realise that yes it's nice cos they specified Artemide downlight & Artemide track lights. Now I wonder how much it's gonna cost. 

17 March 2013

Linked Hinge

Simonswerk Tectus Concealed Hinges

I've been Missing In Action for sometime now and neglected the blog. Work has taken precedence over the last few week. Furthermore, I've been rushing to complete the construction drawings for the apartment. We intend to call for quotations by the end of the month. However, more importantly I have to lock in the design so that we can purchase tiles, fitting etc. Unfortunately every thing is linked. Cost, Design, Construction Details, Fitting Section etc...

I've finally decided to use a Concealed Link Hinge for all the doors. So that I can create a flush surface for all the doors and not have any protruding door frames. Its going to be neater than a pivot hinge door but cost more as well.