15 January 2013

Air Division Sale

2 weekends ago we popped by Air Division because we saw an ad in the papers of a sale at Air Division. Now, my friends know that I'm all for Value for Money and where do you get better Value is obviously at a Sale. I should have figured out earlier that most retail store draw you in with a "Sale" and you end up buying non sale items.

The sale items weren't that great. Instead what caught my wife's eye were 2 floor lamps. 

Wife: pointing towards the direction of the floor lamp "That lamp is quite nice. Looks industrial. Can we have that in the house?".

Me: response in my head was "Die. ARTEMIDE  lamp. Ex!" the words I spoke were "Yap that's nice, its from ARTEMIDE... its probably over a Thousand Dollars. Why don't you have a look at the price tag."

Well she checks out the price tag ($1,200 ish) and says she likes it because it feels kinda industrial and told me maybe we could get a similar light to this. 

5 mins later we walk to another side of the showroom. 

Wife: "This one is nicer. I like actually prefer this one over the other one." pointing to another floor standing lamp.

Me: response in my head was "Alamak! pick out another ARTEMIDE light". My words to her was "Its also from ARTEMIDE, just as expensive but this one is cooler. you can actually rotate the lamp shade to face it upwards."

Honestly, I am a fan of ARTEMIDE lights. I won't mind getting one but guess we have wait to see how the overall construction cost pans out. If we have some excess then maybe.

These are the 2 lights she pointed out. I've used the Artemide - Melampo (Table Lamp) before and I really like the Champagne coloured version a lot. (Artemide calls the colour Bronze)

Artemide - Tolomeo Mega Terra Floor Lamp
Artemide - Melampo (Floor Lamp)


  1. Hey Mak, not sure if you would wanna save money by buying lights from china directly. I have been snooping around and found some i like at a fraction of the price here. Wrote about it on my blog. here you go: http://vanessafridahome.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/purchasing-lights-from-taobao/

  2. Hi Vanessa, lucky for me a buddy of mine owns Million Lighting. I'm going to get him to custom some lights for me in his china factory (and my wife and I were joking whether we can squeeze him out of an Artemide Floor Lamp as a house warming gift).

    I've been to the china trade fairs and to be honest a lot of lights that you see in the lighting showroom now a days are from china.

    The thing about Chinese manufacturers, is either a hit or miss. Sometimes you get good quality other times you get Shit. To be fair, I've seen some really good quality knock offs in China as well.

    Nevertheless, if you can get it directly from china it's a lot cheaper.(it probably the same product/ manufacturer u get at the shops here). Like the Bowler hat light, the original design by Jake Phipps cost about S$300 - 400. And I have to say that from the picture u posted, the knock of quality looks pretty decent. Don't know about the basket weave lighting though. If you ask me I would leave the basket weave light alone.