13 January 2013

Hunting for Kitchen Equipment

Went to the TEKA showroom over the weekend. Haven't had any dealings with TEKA before. Just thought we would pop by the UE Sq showroom since we were around the area. Made a prelim selection so that I could get a better idea on costing for the kitchen equipment.

We did not purchased anything yet but my wife is pretty cool with the selection. Don't know how reliable the Brand is although its been around for awhile. I think the bottom line for me is that its decent looking and its within the budget set aside. 

The only thing that really stands out for me is the Hob. Frameless Black Glass, Matt Black Cast Iron Grids and  best of all Matt Black Knobs. Designers are suckers for the details. It's really really sexy. 

Its really hard to get all sexy items from a single brand ie. Bosch has a really nice range hood, Electrolux has a really oven. 
But I don't know if i should mix and match. more inclined to get everything from the same manufacturer. Much cleaner. 


  1. I have used a teka oven, and the heating is quite even...hope that helps :)

    1. Do you know whether its reliable?

    2. i used it like crazy...baking 40 cakes a day...so the poor oven was really worked...used it for a good 4 years before moving out...and it was still a happy oven :)