11 January 2013

James Turrell - Music Room

    James Turrell - Spread

I've been a fan of James Turrell's work for some time and have had the opportunity to experience some of his work in person. My first encounter was many years ago when I was still studying Architecture at the University of Melbourne. The second and most recent time was during my holiday with my wife to Los Angeles. 

His work is so spatial and atmospheric. I would even say that it's spaceless as the light blurs the boundaries of the room housing the work. There is a strange sense of calm, a certain dream state. 

I've always wanted to do a James Turrell music room. Can you image the space or the lack of it with music playing in the background. Its almost like floating into the clouds there time stands still. Question now is how do you pull it off. 

    James Turrell - Skyspace

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