22 January 2013

Cold Day Out - Part 2

Went on-line to check out the spacing required for the fridges. Most lower to mid-end fridges have their heat exchanger either on the side or the back. Thus, they require more space around the sides and back for ventilation.  

The Samsung Fridges require a 50mm gap all round. Actually most fridges require that amount of space. 

Samsung Plan View - Required Clearances

This is pretty standard, unless ...... you get higher end fridges like Sub-Zero, Gaggenau etc.. These have ventilation slots either at the top or bottom of the fridge. Perfect for a built-in situations. One mid-high end alternative would be Bosch. I checked out the Bosch Kan 58A45 - Width 900mm. (Cost $3,399 @ Courts) 4 Tick energy rating compared to Samsung's 3 Ticks

Bosch Kan 58A45
The good thing about the Bosch Fridge is that it has the water/ ice dispenser and the ventilation is at the bottom. That means I can have an almost gapless installation for the fridge.

Bosch Plan View - Required Clearances
If we go for the Bosch Fridge, I would have to find some way to gain 3cm. It might seem like a small amount but when the space is designed millimeter prefect, it's a problem.

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