14 January 2013

Kitchen Equipment - Bosch Black Series

I was talking to one of the Firm's partners last night about what Kitchen Equipment they are getting. (Side note: The Firm's 2 partners are also Husband & Wife and they are currently re-building their Semi-D.) Anyway they are getting the Bosch Black Edition. Now that's hot (I love you Paris). 

Bosch Black Edition - Hob

Bosch Black Edition - Oven

Well if you got the budget I say go for it. I guess they had to do it to tie in their concept, whereby their whole kitchen cum dining area is in black/ charcoal grey. 

Anyway I think Bosch is a good buy. Some of you guys may not know but Gaggenau is under the Bosch Group. I am sure they share the similar technology and manufacturing systems. 

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