24 January 2013


I fear that the house will end-up looking too finished, too precise, too designed. I've seen some really nice apartments own and design by Designers & Architects themselves. Proportions perfect, junctions properly terminated, superfluous details, materials carefully chosen with a collection of designer furniture. The only thing lacking is soul. On one extreme it could turn out like an Armani Hotel. 

Armani Hotel - Dubai

The other extreme would be a collection of Stuff with lots of stories and character.
Balzac Brasserie - Singapore

Or maybe the middle ground would be Christian Liaigre. His work is precise, well thought out proportions but with soul. 
Christian Liaigre's Paris Apartment

Christian Liaigre's Paris Apartment
One can argue that it's the loose objects that you put in a space that brings about the sense of "Soul". Well we all have to wait and see how it turns out.

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