21 January 2013

Cold Day Out - Part 1

Went for coffee over the wet and cold weekend and decided to pop into Courts to have a look at some fridges. As you guys already know we’ve been pre-selecting kitchen equipment very early in the project. Some people tend to keep it to the last.

You have got to select these things early because most of them are built-in. You need to get your sizes right to make decisions especially in a tight kitchen setup. (Evermore so for the tiny apartments in Singapore.)

Saw the Samsung Fridges and short listed the 2 sexiest! If sexy had a new name it would be Samsung. 

Samsung RN405BRKASL-SS
This one is nice and slim and would definitely fit into the space I’ve allocated. What we liked about this is how simple it looks with no protruding handles and the finish is to die for. You have to see and feel this finish. The Stainless Steel rocks.

We looked at another Samsung fridge. Nice Stainless Steel finish too and like the other fridge, the edges are angular rather than rounded like most fridges. It’s also a nice size and has a water dispenser + ice dispenser (Lazy Man's Fridge). The only down side is its size.  I may not have enough space to house it. Whats really nice too is the flushed handles.

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